We all know kids spend a lot of time during the school year in a classroom. Summer is the perfect time for kids to get outside and play. What better way to experience outdoor fun than to be a part of an active summer camp?

Sports, recreation and wellness camps are good for kids’ health. “Research shows that kids who are not engaged in a more structured summer learning opportunity are more likely to gain weight over the summer,” says Sara Plachta Elliott, Ph.D., executive director of the Youth Development Resource Center. “They might be inactive, eating poorly or not have access to healthy food. Many summer camps provide a healthy meal and prevent unhealthy snacking.”

Summer Spark brings together a host of affordable options to help parents find the right fit with programs operating across the tri-county area. Many local parks and rec departments offer additional options. Parents can also consider more comprehensive programs, such as YMCA or Boys & Girls Club camps, which offer a variety of activities that include an active or sport element.


What to look for:

  • Check your local recreation department, library or city park for options
  • Extra fees for sport equipment–ask about financial support
  • Camps with meals included (listed in our program descriptions)


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